Are You Preparing To Bring A Baby Into The World?

You might already be looking for guidance on what to do next. Our Perinatal Rehab program starts January 11th!

Program Overview

We invite you to take part in our innovative Perinatal Rehab program called GROWCO. This is a 4-week, 8 session postpartum rehab program led by Dr. Katrina Greer that helps support mothers, during and after their pregnancies.

why our program?

At GROWCO, we feel strongly about providing support to women postpartum. With all the focus being placed on pregnancy and delivery, it is easy to forget the struggles that women suffer through afterward. Your hands will be full with your newborn and we want you to carve out time for YOU.

GROWCO is the support system you need to get through this challenging time. We have worked with hundreds of women before and have years of experience guiding mothers through various postpartum challenges.

We cover a wide variety of postpartum issues including:

Tissue healing past the 6-week mark
Pelvic floor rehab
Returning to your fitness routine
Incontinence while sneezing
Overall body weakness
Additional postpartum symptoms

What Does A Session Entail?

Our program meets twice a week for a total of 4 weeks

Each session is 60 minutes long and includes:
Core and pelvic floor rehab
Upper and lower body strengthening
Postural conditioning
Course education

Who Is Taking Care Of YOU?

After you give birth, it’s natural to give all of your time and attention to your newborn child. Your days will be filled with feedings, diaper changes, and sleepless nights. Your partner may have to return to the office after a few weeks. If you already have children, it is also your responsibility to take care of them as well

This raises the important question:

If you are taking care of everyone else, who is taking care of you?
Who is making sure your body is recovering properly?
Tissue healing past the 6-week mark
Who is going to answer your questions when you run into problems while taking care of your newborn?

Postpartum is Forever!

It’s common to believe that postpartum only lasts a few months. However, it is key to understand that the work you do during this major life transition will have long-term benefits when it comes to hormone changes and menopause.

Our program was designed to help you heal your body for years after you give birth. We work with mothers who are several years removed from giving birth and still deal with issues such as incontinence, diastasis recti, pain during sex, or lower back pain. The body is always changing and adapting, the time you invest now in your healing, will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Your body is always changing. Therefore the time is now to invest in your long-term health and comfort by joining our program.

who is this for?

New moms who just gave birth
Expecting mothers
Women who are struggling with postpartum issues
Those looking for guidance navigating post-partum
Mothers suffering from body weakness and other health issues
Pregnant women who are worried about healing after birth
"Our goal is to make sure no woman has to go through it alone and always has the support and care she needs and deserves."

Your Support Team

This is where our program comes in! When you join us, not only are you getting medical advice from an experienced doctor, you are surrounded by other mothers who are on the same journey you are.

You will be able to support each other, share advice, tell stories, and navigate the challenges of postpartum together. Our goal is to make sure no woman has to go through it alone and always has the support and care she needs and deserves.

About Dr. Katrina Greer

Dr. Katrina is the founder of Dr. Katrina Greer Family Chiropractic and the leader of our GROWCO program.

She has been practicing in Ottawa, Ontario Canada for over four years. Her mission is to make sure all new mothers have the knowledge and information they need to navigate life after pregnancy.


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You have spent the last 9 months caring for another life and bringing it into this world.

Now, it’s time for someone to care for you. Join our program today by clicking the button below.
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